Technical Publications

Aid Policy and Accelerated Development

Which Approach for Ghana?The idea that aid promotes growth and therefore development can be traced back to the work of J.M. Keynes who argued in the 1930s that governments can stimulate growth by increasing investments. The basic argument is that where governments have...

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Ghana’s Post-1983 Agriculture Policy

Development Partners and Local Policy OwnershipPost-1983 Ghana’s economy has been characterized by efforts to structure the economy on a sustainable growth path through programmes that have encompassed increasing the role of market mechanisms and institutional restruc...

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Protecting the National Interest

The Parliament of Ghana and Foreign Economic AssistanceSince the attainment of independence in 1957, Ghana has been governed through a variety of constitutional arrangement in an attempt to ensure democratic rule. The common denominator that runs through the democrati...

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The Paris Declaration and Aid Effectiveness

Effect of Implementation on Civil Society Funding and Policy Space in Ghana - An Alliance 2015 ReportThis report is part of a research project carried out by Alliance2015 on the Aid Effectiveness and the Paris Declaration and the implementation in the education and gove...

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